50% of sales people don’t make quotas.... despite over $35 billion spent on CRM per year40% of sales professionals still rely on excel sheets63% of sales reps refuse to use their CRM
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It’s simple


Information technology is about processing and distributing data.

This provides limited value for sales people as their effectiveness depends on how well they interact with people. And so they hate using IT.


Sales people need technology that’s practical and useful.

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  • Protecting Users
    Technology that filters out the noise and protects users from overwhelming data, analytics, ERP, data entry and report overload.
  • A Smart Layer
    Sentia sits on top of your CRM acting as a smart layer constantly interpreting, learning, advising and surfacing only the relevant insights that each sales person needs to stay on top.
  • Maintains Connections
    Actually does the work for sales people when it comes to maintaining a human connection with buyers.
  • Makes Decisions
    Does the heavy lifting for your sales people. Throughout their day and on the go, Sentia tells them what to prioritize and the next best actions to meet their sales quota and close more deals faster.
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“Redefining the way sales people work @ work”

Our secret  sauce


Sentia makes it super easy for everyone in your sales team to follow the disciplines of the world’s top sales people.

Sentia delivers the hustle!


While working with 100’s of sales teams to develop Sentia, we found that the top performers maximize their results by prioritizing the activities most likely to close more deals. Sentia provides an up to date schedule of actions in the right order to achieve this, every time you log in, from any device.

Sentia directs activity to maximize potential value.


When determining their next best action, top sales people intuitively consider the potential value of their leads and accounts. Sentia does this automatically, taking care of the guesswork so that all your sales people can maximize their time selling.

More meaningful coaching conversations.


Top sales managers proactively performance manage their team. Sentia provides transparency with analysis of individual activity patterns to better understand performance in real time for more meaningful coaching conversions. Managers are able to steer their sales people towards maximizing their potential and returns on investment.

World’s first  Virtual Digital Adviser

Sentia provides three practical support functions for your sales people… it acts as a dedicated assistant, a world class analyst and an experienced sales coach.



An expert assistant that automatically displays actionable, insights and next best actions on a personalized feed of notification cards


Real time prioritization of activities to maximize time for selling based on prospect potential value and
other factors.


Machine learning driven recommendations – who, how, when and why to call on prospects, accounts and opportunities. Data points such as critical emails, reminders and win back opportunities necessary to ensure relationships remain on track
are never missed.


Automates most data entry and encourages a disciplined sales methodology modeled on
best practice



Delivers real time insights on individual, team and territory performance by analyzing activity patterns and other data sources for comprehensive management oversight.


Track the pipelines, actions, operational discipline and linkage to sales performance for each individual
sales person.


Effortlessly reviews sales outcomes, drills down and dissects underlying drivers of performance delivering better decisions.


Easy to follow visual displays of relevant KPIs and team benchmarks, adaptable for any style of audience
including salespeople.



Sentia provides coaching through an integrated expert knowledge base and peer connection through thesalescommunity.com


Provides a forum for learning and development solutions to upskill
and self-learn


Ask and answer platform for crowdsourcing solutions
from peers.


Social community interaction for
job enrichment.

Works with any CRM


Sentia is built natively on salesforce.com and easily integrates with what is the world’s leading CRM platform.


Sentia USA is a salesforce.com partner but we are also able to integrate Sentia with most other CRMs and databases.


Don’t replace your CRM .. just ensure it works for your sales team with Sentia.

Access the exceptional outcomes Sentia has delivered for other users

Sales Representatives

Team member


Increase in sales conversion
more effective call cycles

8 hrs

Time saved per week on
manual data
entry and admin


Reduction in CRM support queries
compared to
software industry standards

Sales Leaders


Measured increase in sales
team sales quota attainment


Improved productivity 


The increased number of sales team KPIs tracked daily

Team member

Executives & C-Suite

Team member

6 Mo

Payback period for return
on investment in Sentia


User Adoption
Huge reduction in paid CRM seats licenses not being used


Reduction in management and
admin FTE