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The first Sentia was our own


We were founders of an outsource provider of sales staff. Our company kept and won clients if our staff consistently delivered or exceeded their sales quotas.

We tried them all


We tried almost every Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales tool on the market.


Our sales staff did not want to make use of these tools so we had to resolve this issue. We needed a tool that took the guesswork out of selling so that our teams could be upskilled and self sufficient. Such a tool didn’t exist so we developed the capability in-house and built it for ourselves.

Used by many sales teams


When our clients soon realized that the staff we provided them sold more than their own internal staff, they wanted to buy our tool rather than our services, and Sentia was born.


We focus on making selling easier for everyone, so businesses can defend their competitive position and grow quickly – from sales specialists to prospectors to closers to customer success and account managers, inbound, outbound and field sales on the go.


Hundreds of our sales teams have embraced Sentia and we used the feedback and learnings from this experience to fine tune Sentia into what it is today.

Shaping a new era of sales tool


An evolutionary shift in buyer behavior is fundamentally changing the art of selling. Today’s buyers are accustomed to a digital world that offers intuitive interfaces, real time servicing, personalized treatment and zero errors. They are more connected, distracted, short on time and accustomed to instant answers.


Advancement in technologies is also changing how users interact with sales technologies to meet the needs of their customers. The marketing and sales tool landscape is now cluttered with products serving both ends of the sales funnel trying to capitalize on this need. However despite $billions of dollars of investment, these tools are failing to deliver value for sales people. Sales attainment is at a 7 year low and tool adoption rates are poor.

Sales is hard, get some relief with Sentia


Being a sales person can be a lonely and difficult occupation, we know because we have managed $billion sales quotas. For far too long sellers have been overburdened and under supported by technology, and the impact is that customers notice because the experience is not up to their needs.


These trends are calling for a new breed of sales tool that empowers the user. One that enables people that sell to focus on the fundamentals of selling – maintaining a laser like focus on seller-buyer relationships.

It’s an exciting time for this industry, and we’re going to be right at the centre of it.