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We do all the work!


After you decide that your company needs the benefits Sentia has to offer, deployment is simple.

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Easier than you can imagine


Get value for your money

Sentia is available via a Software as a service (or SaaS) model. Accessed via the Internet, freeing your company from the need to buy, install, maintain or update any hardware or software. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee per user. There is a price advantage for customers on given our relationship with as an OEM Partner.

Responsive user design

Sentia is a single application – regardless of screen size. We are not ‘mobile ready’ we are user ready regardless of how users need to access Sentia.

Personalize with clicks, not code

Easily tailor settings and views to track what’s important for each category of user and individuals based on what makes sense for your organization. Or we do it for you. No charge.

All your data analyzed

Regardless of where it sits, CRM, ERP, externally….Sentia automatically pulls and syncs data to get a single, 360-degree view of every customer.