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Catalyst for Change: How One Year Redefined our Approach to Selling

Throughout the pandemic and lock-down, businesses fortunate enough to allow for employees to work-at-home had a great advantage. Employees were still able to connect to the network, collaborate with colleagues by phone, email or instant message, and speak with clients via telephone and videoconference. Thanks to available technology, we witnessed what we were capable of when forced to adapt.

Elisabeth Axelrod on
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How To Create a Sales Process

If you’ve generated a sale, the good news is you already have a sales process – technically speaking.  However, the process is most likely unwritten, unrepeatable, unmanageable, and quite FRUSTRATING!…

Erik Host-Steen on
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Corporate event mingling 101

As many of you have probably gathered by now, corporate events are much more than an opportunity to feast on free food and get tanked at the bar on the…

Matt Small on
Opinion, Technology

How to know if you need a CRM?

It seems like everywhere you look CRMs like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Hubspot, Sentia all espouse the benefits of CRM, but for those of us who don’t already use a CRM…

David Brown on
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Agility – the new superpower

Change is a certainty in all of our worklives now and the ability to adapt to change, to thrive in an environment that seems to do nothing else but change…

David Forder on

The $650 billion problem

Enterprises have spent $650 billion on information technology over the past 2 years and it now fails to deliver a return. Take a look at the attached graph. Spend on…

David Forder on
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Why do sales reps hate CRM?

It’s crazy that the majority of sales professionals refuse to use their company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or CRM. Over the last 30 years, corporates in the united states…

David Forder on