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The 5 C’s of Selling

Sales is a process that requires perseverance, preparedness and follow through. The best sales people in the world know that the 5 C’s of selling are also the habits that get sales representatives to the finish line.

Jeffrey Biggam on
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CRM Fast Fix No. 1

We all know that sales professionals are usually not huge fans of CRM. They are perceived as being complex, requiring loads of hours of data entry, adding work not value…

David Forder on
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Corporate event mingling 101

As many of you have probably gathered by now, corporate events are much more than an opportunity to feast on free food and get tanked at the bar on the…

Matt Small on
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Think you know your buyer?

Buyers are increasingly more tech savvy and comfortable engaging with sellers via multiple channels such as phone calls, email, text and social media. They demand that businesses know about them from their very first interaction and want the people they buy from to be as available to them as other people they know.

David Forder on